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The journey to your Self-Advocacy awaits

Be more fulfilled by becoming your true authentic-self


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The Power Of Self-expression:

A Guide For Successful Women

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I'm Sandrine

Life is all about making choices, especially the right ones. Being daring, brave, and stepping out of our comfort zone can feel both exciting and daunting. What if, as a 'woman in motion,' you had someone supporting you, not only in raising awareness and making better decisions but also propelling you toward your deepest aspirations at a pace that exceeds what you could accomplish alone?

As a certified coach, I help women unlock their inner strength and confidently navigate life's twists and turns. Together, we break through barriers, both internal and external, so you can fearlessly pursue your dreams and achieve your goals with ease.



International Certified Energy Leadership ® Coach

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Rise to your full potential with The Catalyst Mindset

Whether you're trying to make sense of life, feeling overwhelmed or stuck, or grappling with doubt, the Catalyst Mindset coaching and consulting approach is your empowering partner on the journey to greatness when you are:

  Decoding your feelings

  Defining your own formula of success

  Balancing life's demands

  Nurturing relationships

  Unleashing your potential

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Here's how we work


Empowering women, instilling them with confidence, and enabling their seamless transition into effective leadership, is the key to unlocking their thriving potential in every career move.

~ Sandrine Perrier ~

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Power Up: Transform, Envision, Empower

The Catalyst Mindset coaching and consulting methodology help you unlock your potential with more serenity, joy, determination and actionable steps

The Catalyst Mindset is about expressing self-confidence and presence

The Catalyst Mindset is about enhancing your vision and your possibilities

The Catalyst Mindset is about fostering advancement and inclusivity

Client stories

Fanny C

Sandrine from The Catalyst Mindset is a caring coach. Her incredible energy and ability to listen enabled me to build my life path with precision and relevance. She challenged me on subjects where I was sensitive and where I found the strength to surpass and assert myself.

Fanny C

International Trade & Development, France

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