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Sandrine Perrier

What is The Catalyst Mindset coaching?

Being a catalyst for change doesn't come easily. As a highly skilled coach, I guide you through any transition in your professional life and support this change by implementing result-driven actions customized for you, ensuring your well-being during the process.

The Catalyst Mindset coaching and consultancy is built upon reliable, research-backed frameworks, including Bruce D Schneider's transformational Core Energy Coaching™ model and the cutting-edge Energy Leadership Index™ assessment. It also incorporates disruptive teaching and tools from the renowned Co-Active Training Institute founded by Laura Whitworth, Karen Kimsey-House, and Henry Kimsey-House.

Unveiling obstacles and fostering self-discovery

Through thought-provoking questions and a touch of creativity, we, as the client and coach, uncover the root causes that hinder you from achieving the desired results. I assist you in seeing what you may not see on your own, not because I possess superpowers—although that would be nice—but because I act as a mirror, supporting your journey toward self-discovery.

The Catalyst Mindset fosters an equal partnership between the client and the coach. Unlike mentorship, therapy, or sports coaching, I, as your coach, am free from judgment and any position of authority. I ensure that the expertise and decision-making remain in your hands.

Sandrine Perrier
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Collaborative path to unveiling potential

As the coach, I recognize that you don't need fixing; you are already whole, resourceful, creative, and capable. Our collaborative goal is to optimise your competencies and abilities, removing any barriers preventing you from becoming the person you truly aspire to be.

To achieve this, I provide a safe, compassionate, yet challenging and action-oriented program, enabling you, as my client, to reach the goals you have set for yourself and hold yourself accountable. This program is further tailored based on our co-designed and co-created relationship during our initial session.

Through our conversations, you gain more clarity on the specific challenges you wish to address, take ownership of the plans we have developed together, and unlock any mental, spiritual, or emotional barriers you may encounter.

Unlock your potential and transform your life

Maximising your potential and becoming the best version of yourself requires a skilled facilitator and ally. I am here to support you in achieving these aspirations.

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