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Sandrine Perrier

The Catalyst Mindset services

My mission is to empower women to take the next leap in their career path and personal journey to become impactful decision-makers through my personalised 1:1 Empowerment & Leadership Coaching program. Whether they are managers, senior executives, creatives, founders or entrepreneurs, I have helped numerous women become CATALYSTS FOR CHANGE, embrace personal growth, tackle their inner and outer blockers to powerfully unlock their full potential with confidence, energy, fearlessness and positivity.

Throughout my coaching and consulting program, I have had the privilege of witnessing significant transformations in my clients. They have become more courageous, found ease in shining, taken ownership of their choices, and embraced their best selves. 

Need some guidance on where to begin? You can either get in touch with me directly or book a complimentary call.

Foundation - The 1:1 Catalyst Mindset coaching program

I am dedicated to partnering with you to envision and implement your future self as a remarkable woman leader and catalyst for change, all while ensuring you avoid burnout. Together, we focus not only on leading with your mind but also on being fully in tune with your gut and heart.

To begin, we will work together to gain clarity and define your desired outcomes for our engagement.


  An initial 90-minute exploratory session

  Two weekly coaching sessions per month up to 6 months

  A coaching plan to help you create your vision for success

  Voice messages and email support between sessions.

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Persona Coaching
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Fulfillment - The 1:1 Catalyst Mindset coaching program

Leadership is about how you are making a positive & empowering impact on yourself and others.

Are you interested in gaining deeper insights into your leadership presence? If so, I highly recommend considering the Premium Package, which includes the Energy Leadership Index Assessment & Debrief. The Fulfilment package provides an extensive report based on your responses to 70 questions. We review your energetic profile as a leader, both in your day-to-day life and in unexpected or stressful situations. Using this information as a foundation, we can identify specific areas for development and create a plan to shift your mindset accordingly.

By taking advantage of the Fulfilment Coaching Program, you gain further valuable insights and make meaningful progress in your empowering journey. Please let me know if you want to proceed with this premium package and embark on this transformative experience towards higher consciousness and self-realisation


  An initial 90-minute exploratory session

  Two weekly coaching sessions per month up to 6 months

  The Energy Leadership Assessment Index (ELI) and its debrief

ᴉ  Follow-up of the Energy Leadership level in every context

  A coaching plan to help you create your vision for success

  Voice messages and email support between sessions

Sorority – The Catalyst Mindset women leaders experience program

Additionally, for those who share common challenges with other female peers and wish to enhance their sense of community, I also offer a Sorority package. This program allows a group of 5 women professionals to collaborate and work towards a common goal of their choice, which is defined during our exploratory session. The Sorority package provides a supportive and collaborative environment where participants can share their experiences, learn from each other, and work together to achieve their ultimate goal.

If you and your peers are interested in this opportunity to join forces and uplift each other, please let me know, and we can discuss the details further during our exploratory session.


  A monthly exploratory session for up to 7 women

 A group coaching session per week for 5 months

  A coaching plan to help you create your common vision for success

  Group voice messages and group email support between sessions.

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Group Coachig
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Reset – The Catalyst Mindset retreat 

Finally, the Catalyst Mindset Reset package is for you if you want to work in-depth on yourself and want to disconnect from your day-to-day to better reconnect with yourself. This short, grounding yet powerful and individualised option is the ultimate catalyst for the busy ones willing to allocate some time to be fully present, re-energized and fearless by the opportunities a shift in perspective offers.


  An initial 90-minute exploratory session prior to the retreat 

  4-day intensive private coaching retreat in a gem by the Mediterranean Sea

  Tailored activities to engage your entire being: mind, heart, spirit, and gut.

  A personal coaching plan to help you create your vision for success

Coaching retreat

Experience profound transformation through The Catalyst Mindset's personalized and group coaching services. Uncover your true potential, enhance your impact, and embark on a journey of self-discovery. My programs aren't just coaching – they're an investment in your growth. Join us to ignite personal evolution within yourself and among peers. Together, we craft an empowering expedition that reshapes leadership and leaves an enduring mark on our shared journey forward.

Need some guidance on where to begin?

Ready to take the leap but unsure where to start? I'm here to guide you. Connect with me directly or schedule a free consultation call to embark on your empowering journey. Let's uncover your unique path towards becoming a catalyst for change.

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