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Sandrine Perrier

Hi there, I am Sandrine

I am an International Certified Coach, trained by two reputable coaching institutions: IPEC and Co-Active Training Institute (CTI). Both institutions are accredited by the International Coaching Foundation (ICF), which guarantees the excellence and respect of the Code of Ethics and Conduct within the profession. I have also been a participant in the INSEAD Senior Executive Leadership Program.


I am fluent in three languages: English, French, and German, which allows me to coach in multiple languages.

As part of the IPEC Program, I am also a COR.E Dynamics Energy Coach specializing in Life Transitions and Leadership. Additionally, as an ELI Master Practitioner, I offer the Energy Leadership Assessment Index™ to provide individuals with a deeper understanding of their leadership presence in their day-to-day lives.

As a former General Manager and Regional Marketing Director with over 17 years in diverse multinational organisations - including L’Oréal, Total, fashion retailers like Zalando, Zalora, S.Oliver, and the family story international leader Ancestry, I have witnessed varying perspectives on women leaders facing challenges in their career and personal life.

Diverse leadership journey

Having a multicultural background as a French-Persian and having lived in more than seven countries across Europe (France, Germany, Italy, Malta, Portugal) and Asia (South Korea, Vietnam, Singapore), I perceived first-hand the problems around inclusiveness and belonging and quickly grasped the challenges faced when immersing myself in local cultures with diverse approaches and perspectives.

With a sportive and energetic temperament, I performed as a high-level swimmer during my school years. I have also taken on adventurous challenges, such as trekking to the top of Mount Rinjani in Indonesia wearing flip flops and completing the Half Marathon des Sables in Fuerteventura, a 120 km trail, not without lots of pain, sweat, dedication and also fun. Another fun fact: I am a certified Barre teacher with a passion for cooking and tarot reading - Yes as you can see I love learning and exploring too!

Sandrine Perrier
Sandrine Perrier

Turning challenges into opportunities

While having experienced childhood trauma, I have always been eager to push boundaries and overcome difficulties with positivity, courage and excitement. My personal life and my career have mirrored this mindset of constantly striving to reach my full potential.

Despite my constant ambition to climb the corporate ladder and gain social status, I had a sense I did not belong and that something was waiting for me. In search of a real meaning and purpose, I felt at some point lost in my personal journey. Although this feeling grew over time and led to burnout, it turned out to be a blessing in disguise, providing valuable lessons and insights. By stopping conforming, I finally started becoming.

Through my years of experience, learning, and insights, I aim to support women facing similar journeys, making their own paths more enjoyable and empowering. Through my coaching and consulting services, I provide actionable tools and advice to help them along their unique journeys.

My philosophy

Embrace change as the inevitable force, and let growth be the optional outcome. Therefore, become a Catalyst for Change, embracing growth, igniting your power, and living a life abundant with COURAGE, PASSION, WISDOM, AND JOY!.

My purpose

My purpose is to support and guide you in successfully transitioning to your next career move. Together, we shift your mindset from one of insecurity and lack of focus to that of a conscious, enthusiastic, results-oriented, and decisive woman leader.

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