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How to instill JOMO in your life

I have often been wondering what the trigger behind the Fear of missing out or the so-called FOMO could be. The FOMO not to go to this one event, not be part of this one party, not experience this one moment, not share this one anecdote afterward, to not try this one action. It feels to me that this FEAR or False Evidence Appearing Real goes down to one value cherished by most people impacted by this emotion of social anxiety which is COMMUNITY — the fear of not being included, not belonging, of not being socially valued and recognized, to feel left out and lonely.

By preseving your energy and setting up clear boundaries, find joy by by getting back control to your true needs, values and desires, detached from fear


This FEAR implies that there is originally a willingness to do otherwise that goes against doing the action, but because of this anxiety, the subject is pushed to do otherwise. This concept of FOMO is something that I could relate to at some point: to be there and seen and actively present in social happenings, making me valued and appreciated and recognized by others. Until I understood the price it cost me: less time to rest, less time to mindfully energize myself with sport activities or intellectual stimulation, less time to reflect.

Taking time to lose time can be one of the best things someone can do for himself. This lesson hit home for me when I found myself constantly on the move for work. There I was, jetting off to attend a fair to network, flying back on the same day, having dinner with friends the next day, and then attending a team event to bond and socialize shortly after. While the thrill of connecting with others provided a temporary energy boost, it became evident that I was also losing a significant amount of energy in the process. It was akin to realizing that, just like a battery, my energy needed time to recharge.


By putting more weight and time into social events because of the anxiety of being isolated, my mental health and my self-care were at stake, and by doing so, I was just becoming the shadow of myself. However, implementing the concept of JOMO against FOMO, especially after my constant travels and packed schedule, was my AHA moment. It meant recognizing the beauty of missing out on certain things, embracing the joy that comes with prioritizing self-care.

Taking time to lose time can be one of the best things someone can do for himself. It's not just okay not to be okay, but it's also about decomplexifying people who feel the need to do everything and be everywhere.

The essence lies in finding balance, taking time for oneself, and acknowledging that true well- being requires mindful allocation of time and energy. The journey from FOMO to the Joy of Missing Out (JOMO) involves unravelling the false narratives, reclaiming control over one's time and priorities. Balancing social interactions with essential self-care activities is key to fostering a sense of fulfilment based on individual needs and values, rather than seeking validation from external sources.

If you resonate with this story, I'm here to help. Whether you're seeking coaching or just want to share your experiences, do not hesitate to reach out!

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I'm an international women's coach. I help and empower women to find their voice, overcome obstacles, and achieve their career goals.

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