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How to be bold and get the life you deserve

What if I told you that everything I have achieved in life is mainly the result of my pure boldness, not my certificates, not my appearance, not my good manners? It's essential to share that my path was shaped not just by my actions, but by the influence of some amazing people along the way and a sprinkle of good fortune.

Self belief, confidence are the key recipes to act boldly and succeed in life

However, most of the blessings I have received are not ones I acquired while waiting to be validated; rather, I created these opportunities but also learned from the invaluable lessons along the way. 


Proactively shape your destiny and be fearless:

When I talk to people, admiration often comes my way regarding my journey. 'Wow, how did you manage to become the Regional Marketing Director in Asia, overseeing six countries, despite not being familiar with them? How did you become the General Manager for Germany and Austria without any prior background in the industry and being French?' And the list goes on. Well, the reason is straightforward: I had “corones”, not in the literal sense of it :) —but differently put, I had courage. Courage to raise my voice, to pave the way, sometimes to listen or willingly not to listen. Some people will see that as being “out of mind” but this is the exact thing that brought me to places I could have ever imagined.


Embrace your profound self-belief:

Deep within, I held a profound belief in my potential. This belief, in the face of doubt and closed doors, became my driving force. I understood that self-belief was my most potent ally. While acknowledging the external support I received, my unwavering self-confidence played a pivotal role in my journey.


Craft your vision, hold onto it, and act boldly:

And so, it all started. I manifested it, created my own vision of the life I wanted for myself, and despite people doubting and questioning me, I didn't give them the privilege of making me flinch. I wanted, and still want, to be the film director and actor of my own destiny. So, I made a pact with myself and held onto the vision.


Strategize your path to success:

This wasn't without a plan — the plan to learn, acquire skills, develop myself, surround myself with brilliant and inspiring souls, connect, partner, surrender in times of insecurity, and reflect & readjust when necessary. If I had waited to be seen, heard, and acknowledged, I'm not sure I would be where I am today.


Harness isolation, attraction, and magnetism:

Did this drive and fire in me isolate me, sure, did it attract inspiring people that were with the same energy than me, of course, did that make me a magnet for projects I would not even have dreamt of, yes indeed. I can recall the time I was in Singapore working for the e-retailer Zalora and was almost simultaneously contacted by Chanel, Shiseido, LVMH Group for roles like APAC SEA Regional eCommerce Director. I thought, 'Damn, this is happening. Do I really want it now? Pinch me!'


Crystal clear vision and resilience amidst challenges:

Life was serving all the dreams I ever wanted on a silver plate, and the reason was simple: I saw crystal clear the life I could have, and I did everything to make the magic happen. Of course, I made dumb mistakes, of course there also were saboteur voices, limited beliefs, and imposter syndrome. Sometimes these negative voices won me over, I fell badly, and they distanced me from the goal I originally wanted for myself. I later understood that it was probably not as dramatic as I thought. And now when these voices show up, I tend to challenge them when they are telling me that “I am good enough”, “I will not manage” or “I am not ready yet”.


Set your red carpet, win your Oscar:

In my journey, I encountered both supportive and challenging individuals. Regardless, I stayed focused on my goals. Despite moments of doubt, I laid down my own red carpet to claim the success I believed I deserved. It wasn't about proving others wrong but about proving to myself that I could overcome my fears.


My journey is just one among many, and success takes various forms. May this story inspire you to embrace your journey because if I did it, YOU CAN DO IT TOO and... SO MUCH MORE !


“You must be bold, brave and courageous to find a way…to get in the way” - John Lewis


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I'm an international women's coach. I help and empower women to find their voice, overcome obstacles, and achieve their career goals.

Sandrine Perrier

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